Thursday, February 10, 2011

18 weeks, its a.....

all curled up, toes touching his forehead, little BOY!!!!

We suspected it was a boy since we went last at 12.5 weeks, but she said she couldn't confirm at 99.9% until today (18 weeks) and today he was still a sweet little boy! He was VERY difficult to get pictures of, every time she'd move him he'd put his hands or feet in front of his face so we didn't get any good profile pictures like we did last time, but I thought this one was funny. Its hard to make it all out, but as he was moving you could see his little toes on his forehead and a hand was holding his legs up like that! We were also so blessed to see his heart, spine, brain, organs and everything looked great!! Praise the Lord and thank you for everyone who has prayed for us/him.

On another note, I've gained 6 pounds this past month!! Only 7 total so far, and 6 of them in one month... I have to say that it is 100% due to my sugar-aholic days I've had the past two weeks. Girl Scout cookies are my downfall. I think I have come to a point where I may need to throw them away... how sad! But I have gotten very out of hand!

Things are going great though, I'm looking more pregnant and less like I've eaten a house I think and yeah, I need to get some pictures. Ben is about as good at taking pictures as he is at being in them, so the only ones I have are self-portraits so far. I even had a few 6th grade boys actually ask me if I was pregnant today, which I thought was funny.

I also was given a wonderful wardrobe of maternity clothes today thanks to Jessica!!! She just had a sweet little baby girl a couple of week ago and was already ready to part with her clothes. I hope I feel that way in July! :)


  1. Ok some how I totally missed your announcement! SO EXCITING!!!! I'm so incredibly happy for you! We have 2 boys and they are awesome :) Congrats on your little man!

  2. SO happy for you lady!! Hooray for little boys!

  3. Yay! So glad everything's looking healthy! :)

  4. Congrats! I am so excited for you!!


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