Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My creative husband

I mean the title of this post in the most loving way.

See Ben is a little spoiled. Well we all are really, but Ben wants what he wants when he wants it. I took him to Dave Ramsey and he diagnosed him a 'free spirit'. Dave is so nice.

Well Ben has asked and asked for a deep freezer. I have said no, no, no! Because remember this bedroom furniture we are saving so diligently for? Yes, we are so close!! I'm down to 3 drawers on my dresser, so there is no turning back now.

Anyways, so this week Ben has figured a way around the whole thing of getting my approval.... he decided to ask for it for Valentine's Day!!

And on top of that, he said that he thinks he's going to get me a food saver for Valentine's Day!!! Who needs a massage, flowers or chocolate covered strawberries!? This probably has nothing to do with the fact that he killed three deer this weekend and needs some way to store & freeze it all right?


In all reality, I love my very sweet, slightly-spoiled, hard-working husband very much and he is definitely the most wonderful man I know. But if he shows up on Valentine's Day with a food saver, my hormonal hysteria may kick in. My aching back needs a massage!


  1. now that's what love is all about!!!!!!! ;) my husband LOOOOOOOVES his deep freezer!!


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