Thursday, February 3, 2011


For the past several years I have taken on the endeavor of clipping coupons every Sunday, driving to Publix and CVS and attempting to save lots of money. I felt like I had gotten pretty good at CVS because I just bought the same things over and over, Tide, Dawn, shampoo... the usual and saved a good bit every time!

In the past six months though, I have slowly stopped clipping coupons altogether and officially canceled my newspaper subscription last week. I'm officially out of the coupon cutting business. Food has always been a difficult one for me with coupons because I am so picky and in my attempt to eat healthy and fresh.... apples, salad, strawberries.... those items don't have coupons!

Also a frustration is looking at the southersavers publix ad each week and most coupons I'd want are from various magazines, inserts and separate booklets that I can't even find!! This week, publix has a great ad and a lot on sale, but I just spent $200 at publix. Yes.... $200 for TWO people!!! No coupons. Everything I bought was on sale, and I had a lot to buy, but I was not happy about that bill ONE bit! My plan is for that food to last us at least 3 weeks, but now looking at this week's ad I want to buy all of it too!

With a baby coming soon, I think it would be great to have coupons for the usual baby items, but would I save enough to make a year's Sunday subscription worth it?? I had always been a huge advocate for coupons, but lately, I've lost my passion.

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  1. I know the end up buying stuff you didn't actually need because it was on sale. I will tell you that having coupons or doing the rewards program for the more expensive baby products (diapers, wipes, formula (if you go that route)) does help bc you are constantly buying them. For example, I signed up for the huggies reward program several months after Caden was born and I just received a free jumbo pack of diapers just for entering the codes every time I bought diapers. That is a $30-40 value, so it is worth it. Also, DEFINITELY sign up for Babies R Us reward program if you are going to be buying things there. I have gotten a lot of rewards out of that, including a free box of diapers ($42) and lots $5 vouchers. Plus they send coupons all the time, including 20% coupons...which helps with the higher priced necessities. I would sign up with them asap (for you want) bc it takes a while for them to start sending coupons. Hope this helps!


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