Monday, January 16, 2012

Check In and Up

Do you know my husband? ^ He is tall and used to be very skinny, now he's pretty average or could lose 15lbs or so (which is probably skinnier than average in the real world). Well, N had his 6 month check up today and and is in the 75th percentile in height (length? does it count as height when is still quite horizontal?) and 25th in weight and head circumference (which is shocking since most of my side of the family have bucket heads). Which also means 27 inches long, 15.5lbs. I was surprised he was on the skinny side.... he's full of rolls and eats like a pig!

(Here are his leg rolls and a hat that makes his head look huge! Apparently it was for a new-born :)

I also went and priced out formula since my last post and I was SHOCKED at how expensive it is!!!! I thought it would be around $10-15 for a tub that would last a week or two.... instead it is about $25 for 5 days. OMG! I was having a hard time officially letting go anyway and this may have sealed the deal for a little longer. I know I cannot keep up with 6 times a day anymore and be attached to this dang machine ALL day, but I have dropped down to 4 times a day, which makes more sense since N only eats 4 times a day. I've done this two days and so far so good, but if I start to drop ounces again I don't mind supplementing some. It will probably be an on-going transition away from pumping, but I feel better letting go of the stress I put on myself. If it works on 3 or 4 times a day and I can keep up, great! If I have to supplement, that's okay too. 6 times a day though is definitely over, but I'm not quite as ready as I thought I was to give up my shelf in the fridge.

Lastly, where has Oxi-Clean been all my life?! We were recently blessed with a ton of hand-me-downs. Some had some pretty serious stains set in. I washed and pre-treated several times and it made zero difference. I googled what to do and found lots of people loved Oxi-Clean. After just an hour of soaking the clothes the stains were almost gone!!! I can't believe I hadn't found this stuff sooner! If you have not tried this go out and buy this right now!

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  1. Oxy clean is amazing! Ive soaked things for up to 24 hours to get a stain out and it never hurt the clothes. Gotta love that!
    And good luck with the pumping i did it till 12 months and it liked to have killed me. As soon as i let go a little at 6 months and supplemented a little it took 1000 pounds off my shoulders.


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