Sunday, January 22, 2012

Making Memories

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite things I've found since having N. Shutterfly photo books! I have always been a fan of photo books, but used to make them on my iPhoto software on my mac. They were pretty pricey and have few customizations to make. When N was born I received several coupons for free books from Shutterfly. It took me a few tries to realize all the fun things I can do with these books. You can literally scrapbook digitally and then they send it to you all put together! I'm in love!

You can start with just a basic style, but then combine any type of embelishments, words, ribbons, shapes, anything! Seriously, if you have pictures on your computer you love that you have not done anything with in awhile, go to shutterfly asap. (No they did not pay me to write this... I wish they would. They could pay me in photobooks. :)

A few things we are praying over lately:
We have been extremely blessed with the lady who keeps N during the day. I can't remember how much I shared about that situation, but day care was a not-so-good situation turned AMAZING situation. When we found her, she was just going to be temporary while we tried to get into a day care, but things went so well that we asked if she wanted to keep him through the end of the school year and she said yes. Well, we were thinking at that point we would put him in a program (he'll be one), but we LOVE her so much that I've asked if she'd want to keep watching him. We aren't sure if she'll be able to because financially she may need to go get a full-time job that pays more, so we are all just praying over it to see what God's plan is.

Second is our home. We've been here almost 6 years and had the plan of it being our two-year house. Hah! Well, we do feel like we've outgrown it and I feel like I'm done driving 35 minutes to and from work. Thankfully N does wonderful in the car, but that could be a whole hour we could have at home if we moved closer to work. Not to mention B and I both drive the same direction to work and we live 35-45 minutes away from our jobs! It just makes sense to move closer. So this is a heavy one we are praying over. It means moving further away from family and our church that we LOVE, and into a city we don't necessarily love, but being close to our jobs and being able to build a community for N as he grows. Right now our church, home and jobs are spread out between about an hour in different towns. I'd love to combine the three to be close.

Our fun photo for the day: N moved into the big-boy bath ring tonight!

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  1. Aw! That's great about the lady who has been keeping him! I hope she can continue! :)


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