Sunday, May 20, 2012

PRK Recover Days 6 - 10

I haven't updated because there really was nothing to update. I went back to work Wednesday (Day 6) and my vision was pretty blurry. I used rewetting drops (Systane Ultra) constantly which helps a ton. When I put them in I can see crystal clear until I blink them away.

Every day I would look at the eye chart in my work suite (I share a suite with a nurse) and every day my right eye was MUCH fuzzier than my left. So much so that I'd close it most the day when reading my computer screen, etc. I did the eye chart and my right eye was 20/50ish, my left around 20/35. Every night I'd go to sleep and pray that I'd wake up with better vision. I was VERY frustrated. I started reading other PRK blogs and kept waiting. I had nearly convinced myself this was as good as it would get.

Well, the day finally came today. Day 10 (Sunday). I finally noticed an improvement. A small one, but I didn't have to close my right eye today to concentrate and my vision is crisper! It really renewed my hope that this was not the end. (I even read a blog that said most of the healing comes AFTER you stop the steroid drop... which for me will be in 3 weeks.)

I spent most of today walking/shopping and being outside so by 4pm my eyes were exhausted! I think it was too much sun, squinting or really trying to bring everything into focus. I put ice on them and laid down for a bit and it felt so much better. It even helped my vision. Now that it is 9:30pm my vision is pretty hazy again, but this morning it was better. While we were shopping I could see myself clearly in the mirror! Its weird though, the vision would come and go. When it would come into clear, crisp focus I didn't want to blink or anything because I knew I'd lose it! I even think my right eye is a little better than my left right this moment, which hasn't happened at all. I was really worried about that right one.

The entire time though, I've been able to read the computer screen (I did zoom it at work to make it more comfortable), do nearly all my daily activities (haven't started wearing make up again yet), its just the vision is blurry. No ghosting or double vision at all, just haze/blurriness. I am not even any more light sensitive than normal. I can see 90% better than pre-surgery, but I'm very ready to see clear road signs, billboard, books....  

I am excited and my patience has been renewed. I have my follow up appointment in 3 weeks and had already told myself I wasn't going to panic until then. I'd give it at least until then.  However, after PRK your eyes can heal all the way up to a year later! Much different than LASIK for sure.


  1. Great series of posts on your blog, which should be a real help to anyone thinking of laser eye surgery. Bless you!

  2. Can you update as to how you are feeling now. I'm on day 6 after PRk and feeling frustrated and worried that it was a mistake! Any advice or help would be appreciated.


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