Saturday, May 12, 2012

PRK Vision Correction Recovery Day 2

Today was a good day. I felt well enough that I told Ben he could go riding with a group of guys if he dropped me off at his mom's house. Otherwise I would have gone stir crazy. She helped a lot with N.

I was up to go riding around to consignment shops looking for a walker for a few hours and then went to Uptown Art Uncorked (formerly Sips n Strokes). I even managed to paint a fairly decent picture! I wore my sunglasses most the time and used drops a lot, but everything feels pretty good.

I have to say so far my recovery is MUCH better than the blogs I read of other people's experience. My eye doctor called to check on me last night and a nurse tonight. She said tomorrow may still be tough.

Overall my vision is decent. It looks like I have great vision but am looking through a really dirty windshield. Everything is really blurry, but still better than pre-surgery. They gave me Systane rewetting drops and as long as I keep those in every hour I'm not too uncomfortable. The feeling is like I stayed up crying all night. When your eyes sorta sting and feel dry. Pain from zero to ten is like a 2 or 3.

What I won't miss -  wearing my glasses and sunglasses together. Hah!

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