Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet boy

I totally forgot to update the blog when N turned 10 months. We are only 2 weeks from his 11 month mark, so we'll just keep on moving.

(Fake goose)
The thing I want to remember forever is how sweet this child is towards animals. Real or fake. We noticed a few months ago that he has a funny little noise he only made when he saw the cat. It was like a real quiet high pitched squeal/whimper (those two words are probably opposites). Since then he makes that noise towards all animals! I have tried to tried to get him on video, but of course as soon as I pull my phone out he quits or gets fascinated with the phone. I think I finally got a few seconds of it though.

But the thing that I love is how he will take a moment to stop and hug an animal when he's playing. Unfortunately my two crazy dogs won't let him near them. We have a constant game going on that he heads towards them excited as can be, one growls and runs and the other jumps up like its the first time she's ever seen him.... every single time.

Logan - the grumpiest dog alive.... maybe this is why.

My mom's lab lets him crawl all over her and lay his head on her. Precious Lola. 
I think he's trying to plank on Lola.

My brother's dog... tolerates N pretty well. Up and over!

A friend's cat

I anticipate this child will go through a time that I have to tell him to stop pulling the dogs tail or smacking it, but for the moment, I love how sweet this little boy is to animals. 

Here he is squeaking to Sierra

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  1. What a sweet boy! The pic of Logan is hilarious and I LOVE the video of sweet Sierra!! :)


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