Saturday, June 2, 2012

Before and After... the house is for sale!

We have officially signed with a realtor today to put our house on the market. We are looking to relocate to Tuscaloosa which is more or less where Ben and I both work. Currently we both drive somewhere between 40-50 miles one way to work. I would love to get that down to 10 miles... We want a sense of community for N. Right now our work is west of us 40+ miles and our church is 15+ miles east of us. I don't want N to grow up having school friends, church friends and sports friends.

We really have been praying about it though so I trust the Lord will take us where he wants us to go. We haven't looked for houses yet beyond pulling them up on the realtor app once or twice because I'm afraid of getting my hopes up.

As with anyone selling their house, this was the motivation we (Ben) needed to finish LOTS of home projects. First being our backyard.... omg... the backyard.....

When we moved in it was a huge slope with no plants on it that essentially was falling into our little piece of flat yard. Ben put in a french drain and started working on the retaining wall... fast forward 5 years. I think we gained one level of cross-ties a year... but in the past two weeks it really took shape.

This before was about 2 weeks ago... YUCK... (It didn't always look this bad, it had its ups and downs over the years :)

 After! It looks MUCH better, wouldn't you say?

Okay, here is the front of our house probably 3 or 4 months ago. (Ben was working on making us a walkway to the front door since the dirt had washed away along with our ability to get to the front door.)

After! We have a walkway!

We are officially on the market. This is the first time we've done this. I have already decluttered and packed up about 1/2 our stuff and put it in storage in my mom's attic . We are asking $139,900 which is only $5,000 higher than we bought it for 6 years ago. I doubt we'll get that, but I would be happy if we got anything above $130,000. Its a pretty median price for our area. Currently there are only 8 homes under $150K in our area... Our realtor says this is good for us.

I wish we'd had money to get those stumps out of the yard when the trees died (the year we'd moved in)... but this is the first year we've had grass so I'm not willing to have the stumps removed and give up all the grass. Oh well! Wish us luck!


  1. The yard looks great! I'm sad you are moving, but I know it's what's best for your little family :) don't worry I'll still call and text you with millions of baby questions!!

  2. We will pray for a resolution. I certainly know how hard it is to sell at this time. You will find a community that is perfect in every-way, but sometimes it takes longer than we want.
    I just had my tree removed at my Clubview house, and the guy made it look like a tree had never been there. I had my whole tree removed and while he was there two of my neighbors had him remove their stumps and he charged $100.00 for the two stumps. He did a great job, good ole country boy, just in case you want to do it, here is his info.
    Brent Tucker - All State Tree Service

  3. The walkway, looks fabulous and so does the backyard!


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