Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Moving Whirlwind

My last post was about how we were putting our house on the market. Well that was one week ago.

One week ago we signed the papers to list it with a realtor.

Monday it went up online and she came by and put a sign in our yard.

Tuesday she called and said someone wanted to come and see it.

Wendesday at 9am we were called that we had an offer just $5K below our asking price (which was higher than I ever imagined we'd really get.)!!!

Wednesday night we find out included in that offer is the request that we close in 2 weeks.

WHAT THA ?!?!!?!?!

Okay, 2 weeks.... we have to move in 2 weeks!? I haven't even really processed the fact that my house would really even sell! I fully anticipated my house would be one of those that was on the market forever! I am pretty sad about it. I love it. It was our first home. It was the home I brought our baby home to. That we spent the first 4 years of marriage in. But it's time to move to the next place in life I guess.

The inspection was great. The buyer is paying cash so we do not have to get an appraisal or wait on financing. Really they are just waiting on us getting the heck out.

A few people have said this means we were not asking enough, but I have to tell you that is not true. We asked a very fair price, but prayed incredibly about it and apparently God felt like we needed to move quickly. This was just a perfect match. A lady who has been looking for over 6 months for a house in our area and price range and hasn't been happy with her choices until ours. It was just a perfect combination. Basically divine intervention :)

Okay, so the POD is coming on Wednesday.... then.... who knows!

We started our house hunt Thursday. We saw 4 houses that we didn't agree on at all. Back to We have really searched through every house on in our price range and on a decent lot that would have the ability to house a shop for Ben and all his hobbies. (This is needed... I do not want a husband without hobbies.)

We looked at another house today FSBO and I LOVED it!!!! Ben hated it. Back to square one.... we drove around for at least 4 hours looking for something... anything! I am praying and praying. I know God has a house for us and I do want the house that HE wants for us.

Funny thing... after we saw the fsbo, I was so frustrated I just closed my eyes and prayed. Then Ben stopped and said, what about this house? It was above our price range so it never came up on our list, but it is already vacant and so we peeked around and it was really nice. We are going to go see it along with 4 others Tuesday. Maybe because it is already vacant they will come down on the price. Hopefully Tuesday will go well because all these houses have already run into each other in my head.

The tough part for me right now is trying to figure out what doesn't need to go in the pod because I need it to live and what CAN go in the pod because I really can part with it for an unknown length of time... yikes!

N and I will be staying at my mom's after closing while Ben will be with us on the weekends, during the week he will stay in an apartment at his boss's house (the drive from my mom's to his work would be at least an hour and half). That I am not looking forward to so I am very much praying this search will go quickly!

Wish us luck! Lots of moving to do in a very short amount of time.


  1. Crazy!!! Wow! That's kind of awesome about you finding a buyer so quick, but i pray y'all find a home just as quick!!! :) Will be praying for y'all!

  2. Awesome! Praise God! And don't be afraid to offer low, just pray about it. It can still be a blessing to someone who needs to sell. We got a great price on our new house that was vacant and it was a blessing to everyone.


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