Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our little boy

There are only 6ish weeks where N will be an only child. I am trying so much to enjoy these last weeks with just him. It is made more difficult with the enormous belly I'm sporting, but we still find time to play, read a lot of books and sing & dance. I don't think this will change too drastically when baby L gets here, but it is still hard to imagine how life with 2 will change things..especially life with a newborn and a 20 month old.

 Love these baby blues.

 So tired on the way home from playing with friends.

 Daddy gave him bubble bath for Valentine's Day - it is our newest favorite activity!

 I take that back... eating ice cream is probably his favorite activity.

 Visiting the doctor last weekend after several days of a high fever... still a happy camper, just a fever virus thank goodness.
 A quote from our favorite book, "My daddy thinks he's very tall, but I'm the biggest of them all!"

 Picnic lunch outside on one of the two days we've had sun this year! HURRY UP SPRING!

 We love to read books! Reading the Baby Bible with Daddy before bed.
 This is another one of our favorites. Its short, super sweet and makes me think of N.
 We read this one every night too and it has a 'boo-boo' (dog) on almost every page which is his favorite, and N puts his little hands together to pray. :) Love. 

"I love you through and through... yesterday, today and tomorrow too." 

I love this sweet boy and can't wait to see him as a big brother. We haven't moved him out of the nursery yet, which was planned to have taken place at least a month ago. I am hoping this weekend's weather will allow us to get some painting finished so we can finish his jungle room!

N at 20 months:
Says 'Thank you' a lot and yesterday started saying please
Loves to give hugs and kisses - makes a 'mmmmm-mwah!' noise when he kisses
Doesn't like to eat anything except bananas and cheese at the moment
Weighs right in at 25 pounds
Can say animal noises of just about all the animals I know the noises of.
Still prefers to be outside with no toys than inside with every toy in the world.
Loves his 'choo-choos' (we got a train table)
Has to go in time-out occasionally, but is getting better about being in there and wants a hug as soon as he can get out.
Still gets his paci at bed time and prior to today car rides, but today we decided to break car rides and it be an ONLY bed time thing. Wish us luck!
Still thinks fake crying will help him get his way a few times a day... it does not lol!
He has had a few 'cloudy' days at school lately and his teacher said her sweet N has gotten tough. I was so sad. She said he had to get tough to keep up with the 2 year olds in the class (there are 8 boys and 1 girl in there - all of which are MUCH older than N). I hope his sweet self will return when he is reshuffled into the classes next year with kids closer to his age.
Goes to bed later now because they take late naps from 12:30-3:30 at school - so he goes to bed around 7, but it takes him about 30 minutes or so to fall asleep. He'll still lay in there and talk or wiggle around. I have to wake him up from a solid sleep every morning at 6:45. On weekends he'll give us until about 8 most mornings.

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