Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thank you da-da

N has been quite polite (at least to us at home... his behavior at school lately has been less than stellar) for a few weeks now saying 'thank you!' when we give him something and most recently 'please?' when wanting something.

Some how over the past few days his thank you has turned into a new phrase...
N: 'More please?'
(I give him something.)
N: 'Thank you Dada!'
Um... What???
Me: 'I'm Mama.....thank you MA-MA..'
N: 'Thank you Dada!'
Me: 'Hmmm.... You're welcome'

This happens all day long now, most surprisingly when dada is no where to be found... Like in the car, at school or grocery store with just me and N. silly silly boy.

The word 'cup' that he's been saying for months has also become 'cupple'.... What on earth is a cupple?? Cup+Apple=cupple? Although its milk in there.... No apples.


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