Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break 2013

We've had a wonderful last few days of spring break, although the week started out quite rough. N didn't sleep through the night Monday and Tuesday which is very out of the ordinary - even though he just moved into his new big boy safari room. He did great in there over the weekend, so we knew something was wrong. Wednesday I finally took him to the doctor after hours of screaming crying all night long and turned out he had a horrible bleeding ear infection and a virus that caused ulcers in his mouth, so he wasn't eating/drinking much either. 24 hours of antibiotics and he was back to his old self! We traveled to my parents house to meet up with my sister-in-law and nieces.

Friday we took N to his first zoo trip! He had a good time, but wasn't quite amazed like I thought he'd be. We'll get there! After 3 hours of walking around though, I think I over did it. I was sure I'd be having baby with the giraffe family. I haven't quite recovered since then either, which feels weird, but I am a day away from 37 weeks pregnant. Whew....!

We then played outside the rest of the day and had fun Easter activities today. The egg hunt was hilarious. I think Ben took it more seriously than any one! Tomorrow we will go to church and celebrate that Jesus is risen! We owe him so much and I am so thankful for the life he's given me. I love our new church and small-group. I feel like we are growing into the family, couple and people we are supposed to be in Christ.

As for my 36 week appointment last Monday, I'm huge, ready to have a baby, but she's not ready to be here yet. I KNOW this is a good thing so she can continue to grow in there, but WOW.... I am very ready. I need to look back on the posts where I was this pregnant with N, b/c I truly do not remember being this uncomfortable. I've had a few days this week where I felt back to myself, but mostly I feel like.... oh, my, gosh am I going to make it any longer?! 3 weeks and 1 day left until her due date.

N is in his new room. The nursery is all L's. Both their bags are packed and in the car along with a car seat for both. My clothes bag is ready, but bathroom items are hard to pack since we use them daily.

Here are some of my favorites from the past week:

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