Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ben and I love to grow our own vegetables, for the simple reason of, I'm cheap... and its way cheaper to grow a dozen tomatoes than to just buy one. Well this year our "garden" was unusable because Ben is supposed to be redoing our backyard. He's very slowly building a retaining wall that will hopefully soon make our backyard tiered up our rock mountain and I will be able to plant all along it.
So - this year we planted a few things in some planters out front, thinking all would be well.
Let me show you how my "Romain Lettuce" is looking:
Now, I'm not positive, but I can't really remember seeing Romain lettuce look like this in the grocery store.

Also, please see my second pot of Romain lettuce, that has now grown a twin:
We're attempting to grow cantaloupe for the first time too. Its still a rather small plant, and we were told a great tip from our friends Johnna and Michael: that when (if) we grow cantaloupe to put them in panty hose while they grow to keep bugs and animals from getting to them!
Here is our baby cantaloupe plant so far :)


  1. Looks like what I do every time I try to grow herbs in my backyard. I'm a professional basil plant killer.

  2. That is hilarious. I can't imagine what we would get. well they wouldnt make it that far. its hard enough for me to water the ferns on the front porch and keep them alive!


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