Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some randoms over the past week

This is Logan riding home from Dee's house. She was really wobbly so I looked back there to see what she was using to stand on and its Sierra! She is standing on Sierra's back to look out the window. Poor Sierra... she's so abused.
Also, I had a wonderful surprise when I got home... 2 years ago I planted some day lilies in my front yard. They normally look like this:But when I got home, I had a new one!!!
What a fun surprise! I wish they all looked like this.
This lilly below is my favorite one, because I bought it on sale for $3, it was shoved under a table nearly dying and had 2 puny stalks on it. I was poor but really wanted a lilly in my yard. Look at what it has become:
Last year it grew so tall it touched the gutters!

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