Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well, our fostering Lexi has come to an end... Lexi is going to her new home tonight!!!! She should do great, a girl that just graduated college is going to adopt her. She lives with two other girls, so Lexi should get plenty of attention! :) I'm sad to see her go because she is just the sweetest, but I'm really happy for her... 5 months in animal control was just TOO long.

But in honor of Lexi's day today, let me show you what she's been up to...

Last night, while I was running around at 10pm trying to make dips, pack, grocery shop, clean the house, etc. Lexi was in her cage where she is very happy to be. I thought since she was being so quiet she was playing with her toy or sleeping... Well I went in there after awhile to check on her and here is what I found:

Caught red handed! Apparently, I'd put a basket on the floor that had a tank top, a scarf and a box of tissues in it. Lexi had taken all three out and brought them into her cage. Congratulations to Lexi and her new home!

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  1. She needed one last adventure at your house before she left!


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