Sunday, November 8, 2009

Peanuts and Parades

15. Go to the peanut festival. (one item crossed off the list!)

This weekend was a very long awaited trip to Dothan to see one of my best friends, Emily. Ben was sweet enough to drive me there and participate in most of the things I wanted, including watch the over 2 hour parade early Saturday morning. Below is a picture of everyone picking peanuts up off the street! (See #14a - eat peanuts off the street.)

Beautiful day at the peanut parade!
No one else thought this was as fun as I did....
Few things that were not on the list but are firsts and have been accomplished before turning 27 this weekend:
28. Try a fried snickers. (Yes, I know... the thought of it makes you want to throw up, me too, however it was pretty good!)
29. Try a fried oreo. (I'd skip this one if ever offered it again... yuck) I'm sure you are wondering how #7. 'Lose 10lbs' is going about now, huh? I'll update about that one shortly!

Trying to avoid all the carnies at the peanut festival.

Not only is this dog named Woodle, but his little half chihuahua-half boston terrier self is pretty much the cutest dog I've ever seen.

Cooking out for the Alabama game in our Auburn-wear.

We even got to see a demolition derby!

Now just waiting on Hurricane Ida to pass by so Ivy, John & Gramma can come up for the weekend! Do you have any suggestions for fun things to take my family to while they are in town???

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  1. LOVE,LOVE, LOVE this blog!!! Yay for the Peanut Festival! :)


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