Thursday, November 12, 2009

What happens when I losen the grip a little.

You may know... I have a hard time letting go of the money. (See #3) Well, Ben has been telling me and telling me we needed a new faucet for several months. (I'm very sad I forgot to take an actual 'before' picture, but this one w/ the old sink on the porch will have to do). I found this faucet at Lowe's while shopping for the new one. Wanna know how much the builder spent on it? A big fat $29.98! It didn't take long for the cap to fall off and it start to leak.

Now, if you know Ben even a little bit, you know that he LOVES to spend money. So while we were looking for new faucets, Ben mentions that we probably need a new sink to match too. Um... no. So we leave Lowe's and give up on the whole idea. Well, several weeks went by and Ben again mentions we really need a new faucet. I finally gave in and agreed. I even went by the post office that day to pick up a change of address packet (for the 10% off Lowe's coupon, of course!). Well, we picked out an amazing faucet and yes... a new sink. But I can't even express the difference it makes in our little kitchen.

Before: (Sort of)

I think its wonderful and am so glad Ben persisted with the faucet/sink issue. He even installed the whole thing by himself. I watched and asked why he didn't need to read instructions a few times, but turns out he didn't need to read them after all. We struggled with the white color, but we don't have anything stainless in our whole kitchen (except the old sink) and cabinets are white, tile is gray and counter top is dark gray speckled, so it looks very 'clean'. What do you think?


  1. great job! always so fun to do a home project!

  2. I love it! A little home improvement goes a long way! I really love that kitchen blue color, but ive always been a sucker for baby blue. Lets plan a trip to benj moore soon and play with color!

  3. Love the sink! (Yes, I have been reading your blogs since my last comment.) I told you I'm a blog stalker!


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