Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quick recap: Thanksgiving, Auburn & Animals

Here is a list of how this week has flown by already:
1. Stray boxer that Ben volunteered us to help went back to his loving family Tuesday night (thank goodness... there is no more room at the inn!):2. Thanksgiving & family:
3. Auburn game (very close! As Hogan put it: "We won 58 minutes of the game.")(Not the picture you were hoping for?! Me either.... let me try that again.) Ben and I were in the Alabama section. We had amazing seats (if you were an Alabama fan!) Right above the football team's locker room.
4. Christmas Card Pictures! (This is the runner up):
5. Old roommates!!! :) Whitney came in town from Seattle for Thanksgiving.
6. ANOTHER dog found his home. Seriously, God is just putting them all in my driveway. This little guy was missing for 5 days showed up on my porch this morning. He had wandered 10 miles!
Next up: Little brother's birthday tonight!

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