Thursday, October 28, 2010

The grass is always greener

Yesterday was day 17 in this blog challenge that I'd say I'm getting a C- for my effort.

Day 17 - things we look forward to. I try really hard to not wish away my days or think too much about when things 'will be better'. I don't want to wish away my life, I really try to enjoy every moment of it because I will never get this back. I will never be a 27-year-old semi-newlywed (when exactly are you no longer 'newly'?). I will never have a first year of being a school counselor again. I will probably miss this little house Ben and I live in right now when we move into a hopefully slightly-larger house one day. Things are wonderful, but I do look forward to a lot of things also!

Things I'm looking forward to:

1. A lifetime with Ben (I say this because WAY too often I hear older women say things like, "Well one day you'll be glad when your husband is out of town" or "You feel that way because you haven't been married long enough yet." I never want to feel this way and I pray I don't become someone who resents their spouse or wishes he was different. I hope that in 25, 40, 50 years I still love him the same I did when we got married (if not more!))
2. Being a mom.
3. Being an LPC.
4. Feeling like I know what I'm doing at work. (We're still hit or miss although I've excelled at acting and sounding like I know what I'm doing.)
5. Watching the rest of the Twilight movies!
6. Christmas music & Christmas Break!
7. Being debt-free.
8. Being a hobby-nutritionist counselor that makes professional birthday cakes when I retire. :)
9. Pay day tomorrow!
10. Auburn playing Saturday. We are going to cook out with a great friend and her new 'friend'. War Eagle!

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