Friday, October 29, 2010


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I went to court. I obeyed my lawful duty to show up when subpoened. I took off work early. I went through the security check point. I signed in and showed my subpeona. I turned my cell phone off and rose when the judge arrived. I then sat for one hour..... then another hour. Until I heard him say, "If there are any attorney's who have not been called please step up now." and no one stood up. I walked out of the room and found a police office. I told him that I have been waiting for a LONG time and no one has called me. He was so kind and went inside the wooden gates to check and see what was going on. To which he came back to tell me that the attorney for the man faxed in a continuance at 2:45pm that day.


WHAT?! I was SO mad I had tears in my eyes. He explained that I now have to come BACK! To court!!! In December! What a joke. This certainly makes me not ever want to risk being a witness again, which is sad, but very much how I felt about the whole situation.

So two months.... I will report again, this time with more knowledge to raise cane as soon as I get there and be sure I will be called promptly instead of waiting patiently and quietly.

Updates to come.

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  1. Oh that is INSANE! What a waste of yor time! I'm so sorry lady! :(


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