Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where we're going to live

Yes one day I will live in my dream house. Which brings us to day 16.... my DREAM house!

My dream house is on a lake.

With a beautiful view.

A huge deck!
The house doesn't necessarily have to be enormous, because I don't want a house too large that my family isn't up in each other's space. Nothing good comes from kids & teenagers being able to seclude themselves in a far corner for too long. Plus, less to clean! But I do want a huge yard and deck so we can stay outside and swim in the lake :)

We are in the slow process of getting closer to this dream. Yes, I said S-L-O-W....I told Ben that I would move to west Alabama (where both our jobs are now) if he bought me a lake lot. (I need SOME sort of incentive for our friends and family to come visit us, because we all know, us alone.... no one will come to the middle of nowhere to visit. We already live half way to nowhere and don't see anyone if we don't venture out to make sure everyone's alive. Add in a lake, boat and wave runner though.... they'll come visit! Plus, I would LOVE it :) We have the property Ben grew up on for sale and are patiently waiting for its new owner to discover it.

Its exciting, and makes me feel like an adult that we may actually one day live in a house we dreamed of. Fabulous.... ha!

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