Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall For All

This has been a fabulous weekend!!!

Friday night I went to bed at 7:30 and managed to sleep until 8:30 the next morning... I cannot tell you how exhausted I was! I'm still dreaming of tests and things going wrong (I am the building test coordinator for our state's secure tests.... there are so many rules and precautions that I can't help but be nervous!) Saturday I watched Auburn beat LSU (WOO!) and become # 3 in the nation. It was only the 11th time in Auburn's history that they had gone 7 - 0. Now we're 8 - 0!

Saturday night my good friend Jenna came into town from south Alabama so we got to go out to eat with her and her husband.

Then today Ben and I went rock crawling at a sponsored ride at an off-road park here in town. Usually we go with his group of friends that all have vehicles, but today none of them showed up so Ben and I went by ourselves (and the park pretty much clears out by Sunday afternoon which is nice... Saturday it is PACKED full of rigs and rednecks.) We got to go on any trail without waiting for everyone else and having to drag someone back to the house because they broke something after they were being too crazy.

It was an AMAZING day.

Here I am in the buggy, Ben's pride and joy.... I have to say after as much time as he spends building it, he should be pretty proud of it. And nothing broke today, hooray!

We just need a windshield and things will be perfect!

One of the views from the trail. Gorgeous!

I'm ready for this week! Really I'm ready to carve pumpkins, but I also have to report to court on Wednesday, that part I am dreading. I called the court and begged them to not make me 'testify' in front of him. What if he gets free and comes and burns my house down?! (Yes, I'm paranoid.)

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend! War Eagle! I was at that oh so exciting game and there were tons of LSU fans around us. So glad they won and we didn't have to hear there rudeness.


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