Sunday, January 23, 2011


I really liked Katie's post on confessions and I don't have enough information to fill an entire blog, so this works well for me!

*I am much better at realizing how God reveals himself to other people than I am at seeing how he reveals himself to me. I often hear stories and read blogs where I'm just screaming, "That was God, do you not see it?!?!" But yet, I'm supposed to be keeping a revelation journal and it doesn't have the first entry. (Maybe I'm expecting something way too big and should just say all the little things like the fact that I have food and shelter, grace and mercy, because I know without the Lord I'd be helpless.)

*I just watched the whole episode of Medium from Friday night not realizing it was the SERIES finale until the end when I thought, this sure is a weird episode... how sad! I really liked that show.

*I am so thankful to feel like myself again and be in my 2nd trimester. I can eat and stay awake like a normal person!

*I feel like I look 36 weeks pregnant and I think it only gets bigger.

*I still haven't told facebook I'm pregnant.

*This next week is the first 5-day work week in over a month, I am not sure how we will make it!

*I ask you for your prayers for a family member this week. Prayers for protection, safety and for God's will to take over their life. Thanks! Sorry to be discreet.

*I watched my very first pro football game today and enjoyed it. I'm not a pro-sport fan, but our neighbors are HUGE Green Bay fans so we went over there and I've decided as long as someone else watching the game is really excited, its just as fun as college.

*Remember a LONG time ago, I had a list and one thing on there was to learn to drive our F250? Well, last weekend I drove it home from about 50 miles away! Mostly down the interstate, but I did officially drive it. It is a stick-shift and huge so adding those two (mostly the stick shift part) I had no clue what I was doing. I have not driven a stick since once when I was 15 and that didn't end well. I wouldn't say I officially 'learned' how to drive it, but I did successfully avoid getting in an accident!

Happy last week of January!


  1. So glad you decided to do it too! There is some stuff that I just keep it secret from Facebook!

  2. I recognize God in other people's lives far more than in my own life too lady. All the time.

    For instance - I totally see God in you entering that healthy second trimester. I am so happy for you friend! :)


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