Monday, January 2, 2012


I like the new blogger app, even though when you load pictures they automatically go to the bottom of your post (or I haven't figured out a better solution). Anyone else know how to change that? At least I'll blog more often!

I love Melissa's idea of a picture a day for the year. (I'd link to you if I knew how on my phone :) so today I'm going to show you my new favorite hobby for day #2's photo (I really said hobby, but I'm not sure it fully counts as one yet). This all started from a horribly botched wreath my mom bought for $60....yes $60!!! I got it and thought I could do that better and cheaper! Anyways... Here are some finished products. I've made 4, gave one as a present and this Alabama one is a birthday present for a friend. Easy peasy!


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