Sunday, May 23, 2010

Full of hot air

I am still working on my year-28-list, but this day should have definitely been on it. You know how much I love hot air balloons right? Say yes. When I see on in the car I am fascinated with it, I of course always take pictures of them while driving or just reduce my speed to see if it comes any closer to where I am. (Have I told you what a great driver I am?)

There was a hot air balloon festival in Tuscaloosa yesterday and I woke Ben and my nephew up at 5am to go! It was a sunrise balloon race (although it was explained to me that hot air balloons don't actually 'race').

Me - very excited!
Austin - pretty excited.
Ben - a little grumpy.
It was so much fun, they let us get up close to the balloons as they were putting them up and taking off. I honestly have no idea how many there were, maybe 20?

A few people almost got hit in the head as they took off.
But it was a wonderful day followed by a baby shower for our neighbors. I didn't even have to work yesterday at my dad's store because we went to the festival. My bank account will suffer, but this was definitely on a list of things to do before turning 28.... maybe made better if I actually got to go up in one?
I did decide that activities like this are MUCH more fun with kids. Austin and I had a great time while Ben grumped to himself (5am and hunger contributed to this). All the pictures of me were taking by my nephew too! He's such a great kid!

*I need your prayers for tomorrow!!! Job related. :)

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