Friday, May 14, 2010

Welcome Friday

I've officially made it through my last first week of interning! I even have a perfectly round number of 220 direct hours! (I know you are thinking, 'huh?') I have to have 240 DIRECT hours with clients/kids/students during these two internships and 360 INDIRECT hours. We log them each week and have to get signatures and all that fun stuff.

Well, I crammed and crammed last semester, doing as many as 10 small groups for several weeks to get hours and of course gain experience (I didn't know what to expect for a summer internship since technically kids are out of school). Plus the actual DIRECT client services are my favorite part of counseling! But I'm glad to have gotten a few more hours this week and I'll breath a HUGE sigh of relief when it hits 240! I am also turning in my very last assignment on June 3. (I've already done it, but it will be out of my hands in just a couple of weeks).

Its exciting!

No news on the job front. Counties have no money.... schools have even less money and there are a ton of cuts going on in the education world. But you know what, God wants me somewhere! He has a plan I'm sure, so I'm just clicking along until then.

It has been a beautiful week this week and I've SLACKED up on my walking and being healthy. I don't know what has gotten into me, but I really could live off of cookies, cakes, ice cream, sugar, and...sugar..... ! If only it was easier. Or I had will power!! :) The new dunkin' donuts in town is just a few miles from my new internship!! Hmm... I have surprisingly resisted for the first 4 days though!

On a really positive note, my skin is doing pretty well in spite of my occasional ice cream cone. I have given up the no-dairy, in case you missed it. Around my birthday I decided after 2 months of no dairy I just wasn't seeing any real strong indication that my skin was any clearer. So.... I now have given up diet soda (which I have been drinking since the age of 10).

Its been since April 23. I tell you though, my skin is looking pretty decent today. (Think like 25 spots instead of 225!) I also switched makeup (BareMinerals) and face-wash (Dermalogica) in the meantime with doing away with diet soda, so I'm not sure which one is making the strongest difference, but I figure all 3 are working thus far, so I'm going to stick with it and see if its a fluke or something real. :)

No babies. No pills. No jobs though. But things are great. I need to reign in a little bit on the budget (I think that and the lack of will power with food are coming from the same place), but other than that, I love my internship and the weather. Things are pretty good for the summer. Maybe I can even blog more than once a week now! On FUN things again?

Have a happy weekend! Thank goodness for Fridays!

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  1. God does want you somewhere, and I cannot wait to hear what He has planned for you!

    And I totally scarfed down a donut today. I have no idea why. I've been doing so good. But someone brought donuts to work, and before I had even thought about it I was eating one!

    And it was good!


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