Friday, May 21, 2010


The power is out here in my little part of Alabama. No lights, no air conditioning, no tv, for some reason I don’t even have cell phone service!… Its rather peaceful in an eerie kind of way. I really don’t have much else to do besides use the last of my laptop’s battery and write you a blog!

Well a few things happened to me today that made me realize some things about myself. These may or may not be unique to just me.

I am fascinated and/or intrigued by women who draw on their eyebrows. First of all, I wish it were appropriate to bring this topic up to some people because I have a few questions. Why is it that you first decide to start drawing on your eyebrows? Are there too few hairs and you were trying to fill in the blanks? Too many and you just say heck with it, I’ll just shave them? Maybe they don’t have that swooping Angelina Jolie arch (who does?!) and you think you have a better hand? Seriously, I am just at a complete loss when I see penciled on eyebrows. Have you ever seen any that match either? What do you do when you have gray hair? Draw gray eyebrows??? Nope, usually they are a color the person’s hair formerly was (or they thought it was). Well, for the record, I cannot concentrate on anything someone says when her eyebrows are distractingly, non-color coordinatingly, drawn on.

Also, I realized today, I spend way too much time in public restrooms deciding which stall may be the cleanest. When I go in, I immediately do NOT go in the one I am first tempted to go in because I assume everyone is drawn to that same stall so I must choose the one I am least drawn to go in hoping again, everyone feels the same and therefore there are less germs. Do you think this works? This causes me anxiety though when there is a line and I have no choice which one I get. I have to reluctantly go in the one that opens first and is usually terrible. I am always hoping that it will be the person who was waiting right in front of me because that means that she was the quickest and hopefully cleanest! Well, if there is no line, but a few open, I usually go in one, turn around leave, try another, nope not quite right, poke my head in a third, yikes! Skip that one, back to the first choice, yuck, or just go back outside and tell Ben I just can’t do it, we’ll have to go to the next exit.


  1. You crack me up! Drawn-on eyebrows ARE horrible and distracting, yuck!

  2. i'm totally with you on the public restroom thing. i always go in the one i think other people are least likely to use. i thought it was just me though! :)


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