Wednesday, May 19, 2010

and because of the wonderful things he does...

I'm back.

To myself that is. Yesterday was a small stumble in the road of faith, but I'm back today. I really did cry out yesterday to God to give me strength and motivation to keep going and he did not hold back.

Today was the end-of-the-year counselor meeting for the county I am interning with and when I arrived I was greeted by several smiling counselor faces that have met me or know me all asking how the job searching was going and telling me of the positions that they have 'heard' will be open. A few of them told me exactly who to call and what to do when they get posted. This gave me hope that there WILL be more job opportunities and that people are rooting for me!

Then I get home and I have several lovely encouraging comments waiting for me in my email box from you guys, who are wonderful! Thank you so much for your prayers through this, I know they are working and definitely keeping my spirits up!

I also received an email from a good friend in a neighboring school district who sent an email directly to a principal on my behalf to recommend me for a position. It was so eloquently worded and she copied her principal and a big-wig at the board too! I almost cried!

God has definitely encouraged and re-motivated me today that the position he has for me is still out there and I have to stay positive!

I also have the hardest working husband I know.

Seriously, while I'm in here blogging applying for jobs he is outside spreading 1 ton of mulch (did I tell you about our anti-poison ivy project?)

When I looked outside at what he was doing I did feel bad enough that I swept the kitchen (overdue by 5 or 6 weeks) and faux-vacuumed the den. Talk about lazy! That is the one thing this job searching has done to me. I am lazy and just want to eat everything in sight. I have picked back up with my walking even when I REALLY don't want to though. I know its important to keep my weight off for baby making sake (PCOS does not do well with weight gain), but I really am a compulsive eater lately.

The good thing is that we are down to the bare bones in the kitchen, so I'm running out of things to eat. Whew! I'm down to a frozen box of uncrustables I got for free a few months ago.


  1. I only ever faux-vacuum... is that not how it is supposed to be done?!? :)

    I am so happy you got your hope back lady! I just know there is a spot that is waiting just for you right now...

  2. How do you faux-vacuum??

    I'm excited to see you soon! And excited for your upcoming possibilities! :) Loves!


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