Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is your principal here?

I went to 4 schools today. Dressed in a suit, prayed and prayed, took a lot of deep breaths and went to ask for 4 different principals because I've been told by EVERYONE that is exactly what I need to do to find a job. The positions that are posted will not still be open after school gets out, BUT since school is in, I was not able to meet or introduce myself to one single person!


I had a mild break down when I couldn't find the 5th school and cried my way home. It really seems that if you don't know someone, you don't get an interview and by the time the 2 weeks are up of the posting, they've already interviewed and hired!

I'm just struggling to encourage myself and encourage Ben that I will find a job and keep my hopes up and be the positive one all at the same time today! Anyways, I just want a job and today I'm going to throw a pity-party about it and make you come.

Let's look back at the past couple weeks since I have finally uploaded pictures...

Aw, it's my birthday again! That makes me feel a little better.
So would eating this whole caramel cake again.
This was our trip to North Carolina. Here is some of Ben's family:
My mother-in-law and I at Wicked!

Are you wondering why there is a power pole at the top? Probably not, but I think its funny. We have a wood pecker problem....look at the picture again and the GIGANTIC hole he pecked in the power pole! You could fit a cat in there.... I really don't know the purpose of wood peckers and this incident doesn't help clear that up at all.


  1. That birthday cake looks DELISH!

    And you WILL find a job lady... I believe!

  2. I wish I had known you were going to visit schools yesterday!! You are doing such a good job and have worked SO hard. I KNOW you will find an awesome job!

  3. Stay strong sweetie! Your job will come!

    LOVE the woodpecker hole...hilarious!

    Miss you bunches!


  4. Keep your hopes up!! I'm praying for the perfect position for you just like many others are. You would be a blessing to ANYONE!!

  5. You WILL get a job. Praying for you about that! Also, I even think we have a new breed of woodpeckers in Lake View. I have one baby one in my yard that's specled black with a red head and I've seen a smaller one with gray feathers and a red head. They are smaller than the others in the area that I'm sure made that hole!


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