Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July!

All I've wanted to do this summer is go to the river and relax!! Ben loves the river and we usually float down the Cahaba River a few times a summer, but especially for his birthday every year, but last year was not such a fun trip. We've decided to change locations to the river that is in the same off-road park that Ben goes rock crawling. You can float down it, but you have to do all the leg work (and I don't trust Ben to get us down the river in one piece, due to his last self-directed river floating adventure.... I'll have to tell you about that one soon) since there is not a place that rents the tubes and drops you off. We made a special trip up there Saturday for the long weekend, but instead of tubing, we just sit:

This actually is a lot more fun than it looks. The current is moving a good bit so you can lean your chair back and it just stays. We also had to ride in the buggy to get out there!

So add in some rednecks, a cooler of beer and a river and it makes for a pretty good Saturday. Thank goodness for 70spf!

Sunday we went to our neighbors who just had a baby a week and a half ago. They are the most wonderful hosts who make amazing meals and even homemade cheesecake! I wish I had taken pictures to show the fun Ben had playing cornhole (wow, I sound like a country bumpkin) for hours and setting fireworks off their pier, but I forgot. I'll have to get some of the sweet baby Brett next time!

We also picked up a new friend. She was a puppy that we fostered last summer, but she's back at our house again. Her owner couldn't keep her any longer, so Ben thought we'd try her out and see if she'd blend right in but 3 dogs is just too many. We're going to foster her instead, until she finds her family.

Here she was about this time last year:

And now, all grown up:

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  1. OK, that was the most adorable puppy I have ever seen! So precious!!

    And I love the idea of you just sitting instead of tubing! I used to go tubing all the time in Arizona and it was always such a blast!


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