Thursday, July 15, 2010

The new life

I went to my new job yesterday and I feel very safe saying it is very much my job. (I keep having this fear that if I bought anything or did anything to get ready, it would suddenly be taken away from me.) I picked up my keys yesterday! I rearranged my office. MY office!!!

I met with the counselor who retired from this position and she told me as much as she could in 3 hours. I feel good about things. A little less overwhelmed, but just by a smidge. :) Still very excited/overwhelmed!

But a couple more wonderful things have happened (along with this job). God is truly AMAZING and I'm so glad that he walks with me!

First, to preface, about a year and a half ago, Ben's salary was cut. It was a company-wide sweep that everyone's salary was decreased to save as many employees as they could. Ben only lost about 3.5% total. We really weren't terribly sad about it because we were so thankful he still had a job and God quickly provided for us beyond what we could ask for. Well, the company is finally reinstating everyone's salaries!!! On the 25th Ben will get his 3.5% back!

Second, again to preface: my sister-in-law (married to my older brother), is pregnant again, and I went into my parent's attic yesterday looking for cute things for my office. I found several huge boxes of clothing. They've been in there for at least 3 years, so I called my sister-in-law and asked if she cared if I went through them to see if there was anything I could wear to work (praying she would say okay) and she said to go ahead and take whatever fit because they wouldn't be fitting her anytime soon. YAY!!! NEW CLOTHES! for my NEW job!!

Okay, and to make sure this post is not entirely picture-less, I'm including my wonderful finds from the thrift store for the office.

Yes, this is in fact a scene of a man wading through a pond, duck hunting.
(Emily I bought two extra ones for your house too.) $9.99!

This gem was $25 and fabric will be about $30.
Not too bad for a 'I'm having a crisis chair!'

Don't worry these are definitely BEFORE pictures. They are going to be recovered this weekend. I can't wait to show you after pictures! (And pictures of my office!!)


  1. omg'sh... matthew will be so happy you bought duck hunting chairs! let's don't tell him you found some though b/c then he might start wanting some!

  2. This is great! Glad it is going well! & Praise God about Ben's salary!

    Can't wait to see the chair's "after" pics!


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