Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Looking Up

I have developed an eye twitch that has haunted me for the past 3 or so weeks. Add that to the 7 pounds that job searching has helped me tack on and I'm ready for life to calm down.

However, I was offered a job last Tuesday and as of today, have officially accepted! So it doesn't look like things will slow down anytime soon, which is a blessing.

I haven't slept well in days and have a terrible time trying to turn my brain off long enough to fall asleep. If I'm not thinking about all the things I will need to figure out with counseling, then I'm dreaming of babies. (Actually dreamed last night that I had a hysterical pregnancy and didn't find out until month 8 of thinking I was pregnant. Thanks Glee for planting that seed).

In spite of all the stress, I am feeling much better than I was a couple weeks ago! I've been in constant prayer about this job and do feel at this point that God wants me there.


It is a huge relief in a sense (to actually have a job!) and also gives me huge anxiety. Because now I have to put everything I've learned the past 3 years to work and be a real counselor! I saw what will be my office today and will meet with the counselor who retired next week to nail down what it is I'm stepping into. I hope and pray that after meeting her I will have some clearer lines as to where I even need to start, because wow....overwhelmed.

This position is at a middle school, 6-8 graders, one counselor - me, about 645 kids, which is a lot. At 750 kids each school gets the option of an additional part-time counselor to add to the full time one already on board. It is in Tuscaloosa, 35 minutes from home in the opposite direction of my current life (Birmingham): doctors appointments, licensure supervision appointments, family, etc. THAT part makes me incredibly nervous, but I'm sure God has a plan for that also! I don't want to have to change doctors, but I'm not sure how it will all work since the last appointment my doctor accepts is at 3:10 and school doesn't get out until 3pm (an hour away). Maybe they work with another lab and I can do bloodwork, etc in Tuscaloosa instead of driving an hour to Birmingham each time. We'll see!!

I'll keep you updated.


  1. hey girl! Im so excited for you! I get the eye twitch when im under alot of stress, but once you can calm down mentally, it goes away (for me at least). We need to get together again soon, I cant wait to hear more about your job!

  2. I'm just so excited to hear that you have a job now! All the rest will fall into place lady! I just know it!!

  3. wow! congrats! And have fun commmuting with Ben..hehe. What school? Can you divulge that? Also, I don't know who your doctor is but there is a labcorp down here and an office of Henderson Walton. Let me know when you come down, we can meet for lunch! Yay!


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