Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The View From Here

I went to the gulf this weekend. Some girls from high school and I drove to see another friend from high school, her husband and their new house about 45 minutes from Gulf Shores, AL. (Remember we were supposed to volunteer??? They never called us back! Apparently we were not needed.... I think BP is paying all of the people who are out of work to help with the effort, so maybe that was why they didn't need us?)

Well, we were scared away from the beach the 1st day, but on the 2nd, I refused to sit inside and watch tv any longer! I was going somewhere no matter what and thankfully my friend's husband offered to be my tour guide. He suggested we just go LOOK at the beach and see how TERRIBLE it was....

Well, let me show you how terrible:

What? You don't see any oil?

Me either!!

So on a whim he and I BOUGHT a bathing suits (since I wasn't originally planning on swimming, I didn't bring mine with me) and I swam in the ocean for hours! (Don't worry, I didn't get sick). I was told that because of the wind and current the oil was far from shore and would be for several days. Who knew?!

And just to let you know what more of a fabulous day it was, this is what I saw when I left:



  1. Nothing better than a blimp to top off the weekend:) Being at the beach is pretty fun too!:)


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