Saturday, October 30, 2010


Happy Day 20 of 30 Days of Blogging! Its all about nicknames today.

Its actually hard to tell you about nicknames when you may not know my whole name! Either way it is a unique name that often gets changed into: Donna, Delorian, Derna, Donata, Tomorrow....Yep, I've even been called Tomorrow. Not sure how that one made it in, but none of those are my names.

My nicknames are:
This is what Ben, my family and half of my church calls me. Its just so much easier to introduce myself with a shorter name.
My grandmother, aunts and uncles still call me this because it stuck when I was a baby. Kinda cute, but I am 27 years old now.....
When all else fails and the two above just are TOO long, my name gets shortened to this. Which is just one syllable of my first name.

And yes, I'm super paranoid about people (6-8 grade students) googling my name so hopefully this is less likely to be googled? I don't know....

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