Thursday, March 10, 2011

22 weeks!

I've made it to 22 weeks :)

Little baby's heartbeat was great today and he actually even measured 24 weeks instead of 22. My weight gain is also fine according to my doctor. 15lbs so far, but if feels like 30. She did tell me I needed to not have ice cream every other day, ha! if you insist.... She said once or twice a week is more appropriate. But really she is SO laid back about everything.

Sleep is hit or miss, but I'm a bad sleeper anyway. Some nights are better than others and usually the bad nights are more because of stress than baby. (Like dreaming about standardized testing or baby kidnappers.) I did buy a boppy body pillow that has helped a good bit. It's not a miracle worker, but it's pretty good.

I'm also feeling the baby SO much now. It is such a wonderful feeling, and just brightens any moment when I feel it. Ben has yet to feel him, but we've only tried a couple times because I can imagine its frustrating. I know in a week or two he will definitely be able to. (He probably could now if he had A LOT of patience.)

I did manage to take a picture for you this week, from my phone again, and I have the most wonderful face... ha! This was my 3rd or 4th attempt to keep it from being fuzzy so in my defense, my smile is quite fake :)

Maybe I'll get some great ones while we are at the beach!! Anyways, no progress on the nursery yet, so I can't tell you which paint color, you'll have to wait for pictures!

Now, you should all turn on Wipeout - Blind Date Edition for the funniest mess you've ever seen, this show CRACKS me up!!!


  1. Your baby bump looks so cute and you are glowing! Enjoy each moment of your pregnancy, even the times when you can not sleep, you are growing God's precious child!
    I read your Lenten post, very nice! Our Church is studying the book of John during this season. We have daily readings and a Commentary book to read.

  2. You are looking gorgeous lady!

  3. LOVE IT!!!
    So your all belly. The 15lbs is not in any other area.
    You look great.
    Dying to see pictures of the nursery
    have fun at the beach


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