Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Breaking

What a blessing it has been to be at the beach for 6 days WITH an extra hour of daylight!! It was beautiful and we even found several starfish:

and saw a manatee

(although there is still a debate over whether he was sick or not since he was floating above water for quite awhile. My very worried grandmother did call Marine Land who told her he was probably resting and to call back if he seemed to be in 'distress'. Ben and I voted he was just cold and trying to warm up).

Ben even felt the baby kick for the first time!! I think I was more excited about it than him though. It feels like a HUGE kick to me, but to him it is a slight thump. My mom and friend Aaron felt it too though, so precious! I absolutely love every time I feel him move, it just makes me curious what he's doing in there.

This was supposed to be a sweet picture, but Ben couldn't figure out anything to do with his hand other than grab my belly like a soccer ball....
Here is my first semi-good maternity shot! At almost 24 weeks!!
And my nephew looking much more innocent than he really is ;)
And we also made sure to take note of the largest moon in 18 years. It was very pretty, but I really think beach moons you can catch sometimes that are very pink look much bigger. I couldn't tell much of a difference, but it was definitely a beautiful night to be at the beach!

We could not have asked for more beautiful weather and thank the Lord we had a very safe and mostly relaxing trip. Now back to reality. Standardized testing for the next 3 weeks at school. Praying I do everything like I'm supposed to!

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  1. LOVE your pictures! Can't wait to see you and your bump again!


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