Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I would like a money tree please

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Why is gas $3.39 per gallon?!
And diesel is $3.80 per gallon!!!

Why did my power bill go up $21 per month??? (Budget Billing)

Dog food has gone up $1.50. My entire grocery bill has gone up about $50 (I don't know if that is because of more expensive groceries or pickier eating, but Ben says its more expensive groceries because of more expensive diesel.)

This morning I really did have a pity party about the rising prices. I am so thankful to have a job, SO THANKFUL. I cannot express that enough. But, with prices going up and up and jobs still being few and far between or people being very scared of losing their jobs, I am feeling discouraged. I probably should have paid more attention one of the few of times I took economics. Because right now supply and demand just aren't making complete sense to me.

You should all know by now that I am the budget-er of the family. I make a yearly spreadsheet sometime in November for the next year and usually have it a month ahead of schedule of where we'll be. I plan ahead for hair cuts, license plate renewals, etc. and surprisingly most the time, enjoy keeping track of everything, or at least enjoy being able to put a little bit in savings. So it frustrates me to no end, that now I have to change my whole budget to incorporate rising prices... boo!!!

Are things just going to get tougher? How are people surviving who are on a VERY tight budget to begin with?! It just doesn't seem fair.

I have adjusted my driving again though. Since I drive 40 miles to work one way, I'm back to 65mph, getting 32mpg. Thank goodness for Pontiac Vibes! I hope it lasts another 100,000 miles! :)

Also, I'm hoping our child will become a 'saver' and not a 'free-spirit' with money.
The first item I bought for him:

Yes, if you are thinking I bought the doggie-bank, instead of the piggy-bank you are correct! Its just so dang cute. I LOVE piggy banks, LOVE them! I've been in search of the perfect one for a few years and never bring myself to buy them, but I decided when I saw this little guy that the baby needed it! (Plus, it looks a little bit like our Logan).

How are you reacting to the rising prices?


  1. i too had a total freakout about it on Sunday. i got to the gas station on the way to church & it was 3.31 for regular unleaded. SERIOUSLY?! on the way back home i passed one that was 3.45, which was the highest i'd seen here. HOLY CRAP. I mean... we have a budget similar to yours & i'm freaking. Btw, i was the free spirit & brad the saver until i got married. haha. Brad has taught me sooo much about money & how to deal with it! it doesn't come naturally to me, but i do not blow it anymore! We've always just driven where we need to go & when, but i didn't go somewhere on Sunday b/c it was across town & i had just filled up w/ gas! UGH!!!

  2. I fear that its just gonna get worse from here. Gas prices are going to continue to rise and cause other commodities' prices to rise too. Plus our dollar is getting weaker as our country is relying on others to pay our debt. It stinks, but we what can you do? Maybe things will settle, but it will never be like pre 9-11....wish it were! (I remember gas $1/gallon)


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