Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring, Testing, Vacations & Babies!

Ready for random?

I am so thrilled and relieved with the weather we have had for 2 straight weeks! I bought a cute pair of crocs strappy sandals (my first pair, but they are very cute!) and have not looked back since... I'm done with winter! I am hoping to not have to go back to closed-toed winter shoes. I do not love winter, winter shoes, winter clothes, sweaters, etc. I LOVE spring, dresses, skirts, hammocks and swimming!! Thank goodness I live in Alabama!

Anyways, I have really enjoyed the weather and my achy-back has calmed down a bit since I've bought these crocs that I have been able to walk in the afternoons with Ben and the dogs! I almost went out to the hammock today when I got home, but exhaustion caught me on the couch. :)

We have 1.5 weeks until Spring Break and I'm so excited. This will be our first spring break to actually go on vacation in about 5 years. I have had spring break every year since I was in school getting my master's, but I also had to work so I never fully enjoyed this fabulous vacation time until this year. We will be going down to visit my grandmother who lives 3 blocks from the beach!!! Yay! I even have 2 maternity swim suits (because I am not one of those ladies who wants to flaunt my preggy stomach in a bikini... haha!).

Spring break will be the calm before the storm. The week after spring break is TESTING, the dreaded week of all school personnel and mostly those in charge of coordinating it all - counselors. I'm a little nervous because it is A LOT to organize and make sure it goes very smoothly without anyone getting written up, doing any thing illegal and possibly being investigated to lose a certificate, yikes! The first time to do anything is always a tricky process, but this one is a little more stressful. I'll be so glad when its checked off my list!

Also, yesterday our new governor announced that he was putting 3% cuts on all education budgets (that does NOT have 3% to lose) so I'm anxious to see what that means for everything. Right now we already have 30 students per classroom and only 1 counselor to every 750 students and I pray that it does not get worse. I do pray about my job daily, but I know that God gave me this position this year and I could not be more thankful. He also gave us this baby and has a wonderful plan. I would worry about paying bills if I lost my job, but I'm just trusting in Him right now. I would love the opportunity to keep working with these students though!

In pregnancy news, I am almost 21 weeks pregnant!! I also have felt the baby move this week! I felt it once or twice in the past few weeks, but as of Friday night & Saturday it has gotten stronger and more frequent throughout the day. It is just such a sweet feeling and relief. I have been eating WAY too many sweets still, and wish I had more self-control. I haven't had any strong cravings except fruit. I cannot get enough fruit. We go back in a week to hear the heartbeat.


  1. Girl, i hope that is me, craving fruit!! Fruit is GOOD! YAY! 21 weeks!! :) And yay for the beach on spring break!

  2. Aw, you felt him move! One of the sweetest feelings ever!


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