Saturday, March 26, 2011

A decision has been made!

Ben and I FINALLY picked out furniture! We have been looking for quite sometime and after looking at a ton of stores, websites and prices (!!!) we made a decision. Yes, this includes our bedroom furniture AND nursery furniture.

Here is our nursery purchase, although we decided on just the crib and a dresser (not shown). Not the under crib storage either... all I thought was how much that would attract dust and doghair!

It was hard to make the purchase, but Ben used his negotiating skills he learned from Pawn Stars (along with shopping at a warehouse/market store) and we really feel like we got a great deal (and that is why we've been saving). I feel so much better now that our baby won't arrive before the crib :). The 'what-will-be-a-nursery' still looks like a disaster area, but we are one step closer. My dad is going to help me paint next weekend and our furniture will be here in 4 weeks. Then we'll worry about the little things like curtains and accessories (hamper, storage, pictures, bedding, etc.).

I can't wait for our furniture to be in either and my clothes to be in a working dresser; don't worry there will be before and after pictures!

1 comment:

  1. YAY for nursery furniture! It is so weird at first getting used to seeing a crib in the house. It makes it all a little bit more a good way!


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