Saturday, June 18, 2011

36 weeks

We had our 36th week appointment and last baby class this past week! We are definitely getting close now.

I wasn't going to post about this, but I thought I should for my own sake so I could remember everything.

The appointment went good. Heartbeat was at 140 as usual. My feet are swollen as can be... so my 5lb weight gain in 2 weeks didn't surprise my doctor, although I was HORRIFIED! I'm going to try to eat very healthy this week and see if I can maybe not gain 3-5lbs in a week. I don't know if this is too much info, but I am dilated 1/2 cm! yay! At least its not zero :) We are still walking at least 1 mile a day. (We - me, Ben and the pups) and my blood pressure was low (my normal) for everyone who thinks that my terribly swollen feet mean I have preeclampsia.... including the lady at chick-fil-a.... Little baby is still moving around a good bit, although his moving is getting more and more cramped.

Our last class was a breastfeeding class where she talked WAAAY too much about support groups and not enough about pumping when you go back to work which is what everyone wanted to know. Ben was bored out of his mind... and I can't blame him. The first 15 minutes were interesting and helpful then the last 2 hours and 15 minutes were not so great. So if you have any info about pumping such as when you should start, how often, etc. I'd appreciate it. I have already read a book on breast feeding, but it wasn't super detailed on pumping either.

37 weeks is just a few days away! Hooray! I am so anxious to meet this little guy!


  1. I think the reason she goes over the support thing is because that is the MAIN reason that women are not successful at breastfeeding. They especially want your husband to know it because if they aren't supportive, I mean REALLY supportive, it can be very hard and discouraging. By the time you've got your own rythem and systems down, you will likely have a support system where people can give you help and information about pumping and all that goes along with it. I think it is easy to assume that breastfeeding will come naturally because it is natural, but I think that has only been the case in cultures where breastfeeding was the norm and you were surrounded by others that could help you. All that support is something I was sorely lacking when Wyatt was born. I tried pumping, as much and as often as I would feed Wyatt, but my issues needed past experience and I didn't have anyone to ask questions to. Also, there are a ton of web resources that I found after I gave up. Most referenced kellymom. I would highly recommend finding and bookmarking them now. Sorry for the long post. This one really strikes a nerve with me.

  2. Pump/feed at least every 3 hours during the day at first, and if you're not making enough keep pumping or letting them nurse past when you run out. It will stimulate for more milk the next time. If you have latch issues ask for a shield, they don't offer them unless you ask but it was a life saver for me both times. Used it for 3 months with Gray and 2 wks with ally.
    I totally agree it's much easier to do and stick with if you have people around you doing it. I haven't realized that until lately. Feel free to call anytime with questions!!! I had to do it lots! Never too much info when you've had a
    Baby! :)

  3. Girl!!! I cannot believe you are 36 weeks! You just told me you were pregnant! LOL. I'm so excited! And yay for being 1/2 cm already!

    I have no info on breastfeeding. As you can imagine. :)

  4. I can help with the pumping thing, I went through it. We need to get together (we are still up for Pablos when you are available)...or call me any night after 7. Pumping is much harder than nursing, which I didn't initially realize. But you can do it and I will help as much as possible. So excited for y'all!


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