Thursday, June 23, 2011

What to do.... A belly pic and the little brother.

37 weeks today!

And it was my last day at work until the baby arrives! I have NO idea what I am going to do with myself if he really doesn't come for 3 more weeks. I don't think I've had this much time off since the summer after high school? Geez. I'm crossing my fingers and walking my butt off in hopes he will not be late otherwise I may have to resort to actually cleaning the baseboards in the house. (Does anyone seriously do that? I always look at people's baseboards when I go to their house because I want to know, who does that and how often?! I'm a great house-guest.)

Today at the doctor: 135 heartrate which is where he has been for months now, a gain of 3lbs.... in my ankles. Seriously, I gained 3lbs in 1 week and officially have the fattest ankles/feet in the history of the world. The doctor compared them to that of a Flintstones character. I laughed while small tears welled up in my eyes.... No, not really, I only cry when Ben eats the last of the ice cream. There really is just no stopping me. As of this morning on my scale I've gained 40lbs (I used to think that was an impossible figure), but according to the doctor I've only gained 38, woo! 3 weeks to go, you think I can not gain 9 more pounds?!

Anyways, here we go:

This took 9 tries for Ben on my iPhone so we have to be grateful for what we get. :)

In other news: my little brother has been in Iraq for almost a month now. We FINALLY talked to him on Sunday. He said it is 120 degrees there and he has to walk to use the phones, which is probably why we haven't heard from him. I don't think I'd walk anywhere if it were 120 degrees... I don't even like moving when its above 80! Please keep him and his platoon in your prayers. He is a combat medic, but it does not sound like that is what he is doing while he is there. He said he goes on missions to find bombs and bad guys (except he had much more sophisticated words for both) each day and then they return, eat, shower and sleep and start the whole thing over again. His words were: "I'm living in groundhog day."

He makes the best out of it though, he said nothing is too terrible, but we are worried that since they are shutting everything down gradually, he said he will be losing internet and phones shortly. I have no idea what that would mean for him though, if he would have to continue to stay there or be transferred somewhere else.

Happy Friday to you!


  1. You are so cute prego girl! I am sorry about your ankles! I can relate & i know i've never been pregnant. But since February my ankles swell SO BIG while working out. Idk why! :( They've actually gotten better but tonight during zumba they did it again. Not as bad as the first time they did though - honestly - flinstone feet is a pretty great description! At least you won't have to workout to get that off! HAHA! :)

    YOU LOOK CUTE! Enjoy those three weeks off before baby comes! :)

    I will pray for your brother!

  2. You are too cute! (I hated when people told me that, so for that I am sorry.) If it makes you feel any better I gained 46 lbs when I was pregnant! I know this may sound weird, but take a picture of your feet. Its fun to look back when your feet are back to normal. Told you...sounds weird, but trust me. I have Noah's presents just waiting for his mommy to let me know when we can meet up. Love you...hang in are SO close!

    Praying for you, Ben, Noah, and the little brother!


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