Tuesday, June 7, 2011

5 years later - crafts!

I think it has literally been 5 years since I have done any sort of 'do it yourself' project - although there have been many on the list. 5 years ago I graduated college, looked for work, planned a wedding, got married, went to grad school and then started my first counseling job.... leading us to the present!

Now, school is out. I work 10 hour days/4 days a week for 2.5 more weeks, and things are pretty calm and quiet. I decided it was time to break out the mini glue gun and make some fun things (some of you may call this nesting.... but I refuse the term).

Plus, this is for my front door, so does it count as nesting if its not for baby?

Anyways, I follow several crafty blogs and am ALWAYS fascinated by what they can put together with some elbow grease and a glue gun. Shocked and amazed are also appropriate words when I see what people can do with a few dollars and an item from the thrift store.

I saw a picture over at Liz Marie Blog, and thought, I could maybe... possibly... do that.

Off to Michael's I went, because I do still have a few baby things on the agenda also, like the baby wreath for the hospital door/nursery and I really want some scripture over his bed. I've decided with 5 weeks to go, its not going to paint itself and I better get moving if I want anything to be done.

Here is her picture:
So cute right?!

Well, you know I have no creativity with color, so I had every intention of copying her exactly, turning to G into P.... but Michael's was out of all of the above items.

My materials: One wreath that I didn't notice was lopsided until I took this picture, the letter 'P', one strand of white random flowers and one set of purple puffy flower balls (its no wonder I'm not a florist as well).

Total cost, maybe $17.... because they were out of a lot of flowers, the ones I chose ended up costing $11.

And my finished product:
I had to pick the purple fuzzy flower balls because they had no green and they only had one strand of the white flowers like hers, and I needed at least 2. Also... I'm pretty sure I should invest in some paint other than white :) Purple?! Maybe that P will get redone in the next few days.

But its cute! And ready for summer on my front door.

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  1. Cute Donora! You could do the P in either the lime green or aqua colors in the original wreath. Both colors would look awesome with the purple and give you a little more color (if that's what you want). I was also going to tell you that I always check the dollar store for fake flowers before Michaels. They usually have a whole aisle of them and are super cheap! I did my center piece (for house showing purposes) completely from the dollar store!


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