Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things people don't tell you

I think this is a good follow up from my last post since people like to tell you too much, what happened to the stuff they forget to tell you?

Well for one: no one told me that my hands/arms would fall asleep or get carpal tunnel so bad. This was a new and random one for me. It actually does make it very difficult to sleep if don't end up in the right position and both arms and hands go numb (making me feel like I could be close to losing them if I don't reposition quickly!). I have a friend that gets it during the day really bad too though, so it apparently can happen day or night - something about the swelling pressing on nerves...

So I want to know, what are some of the things people have NOT told you that you wish you had known?


  1. I had carpel tunnel worse after gray was born. For 2 months, the worst was when I pumped. But I had retained placenta so that could have had something to do with it.
    There's a few other things people didn't tell me but theres prob a reason. No worries it's all worth it.
    And related to your last post.
    You will love this child more than life. Not more than Ben but it's a different kind of love. And just like your love for Ben it will grow more each day. Plus when you see what a great dad he is it will add a new dynamic to your marriage and love for him. Can't wait for sweet Noah.

  2. 1. Induction greatly increases your chance for C-Section. And going along with that, you can have a C-Section and still have an awesome child and be a good mother. You do not lose any street cred because of it. ;)
    2. Lots of hormones after delivery made me more emotional than I usually am. I had a mini breakdown the day after delivery and found out about half of my friends did too (the other half looked at me as if I'd grown a second head). Had I known what was going on, I'd have handled it much better. Kinda like when you KNOW you have PMS as opposed to it sneaking up on you.
    3. I would sleep better AFTER I delivered Wyatt than before (especially after I learned to turn off the phone and hang a sign on the door reading "Baby and Mama are napping. Please visit us a little later.").
    4. Leaving the hospital would feel like a jail break where none of the guards really cared if you left. It felt like they were letting us go without really knowing we were able to take care of him.
    5. Swaddling would be a life-saver for us.
    6. The more I could/can tune out what other people expect of me and my child, the easier this whole experience would be.

  3. Carpal Tunnel issues are definitely a problem with pregnant mothers. It's due to the ligaments loosening and with increased swelling. I would suggest a resting cock-up wrist splint to wear to keep it in a good position...but you're almost due, so maybe next time!


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