Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Wreath

I told you a few days ago I was feeling crafty with all this extra time on my hands!

I decided to make the wreath for our hospital door. If you google 'ribbon wreath' you will get hundreds of tutorials and pictures. Even some that are for sale for hundreds of dollars (?!). I decided I could probably do it myself, although I was aware my level of perfection would be much less than those for sale.

The supplies: 1 plasti-foam wreath, 4 spools of various ribbon, quilting pins and the letters. Total I spent about $23. (Would have been less if I would have called my friend Charelette who told me to look for fake flowers at the dollar store, I bet I could have found cheaper ribbon there too! - lesson learned).

Step 1:
Step 2: Keep going...
Step 3: Ta-da!
I don't know that I have officially put out there what our sweet little child's name will be, but there ya go! No secrets now :) The letters are a light brown, iPhone wanted them to look more purple... I think it turned out pretty good and can't wait to put it up when he is born!

4 weeks and 2 days until the due date! I am feeling great, no complaints at all. We are hoping he will be ready and come early though because my last day of work is June 23rd and I would LOVE to spend more time with him than without him, but I am fully aware that 1st babies are usually pretty content cooking in the belly. If he goes past his due date I will have to take longer maternity leave and possibly unpaid because school starts back beginning of August. Plus he'll be much younger going to the sitters :( C'mon June 24th! ha!

We have our CPR and breastfeeding class left to go and the nursery still looks like a hoarder owns it. I'm hoping to get my shelves back this week or weekend (my dad is painting them) and then we'll have to figure out where to put everything.

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  1. SO very cute! And, I don't think Dollar Store has that cute of ribbon. LOL I love it!


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