Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome back life & 5QF

My Little Life

I almost don't have enough brain left to even fill in some blanks on a 5 Question Friday! I miss my blog. Lately, my brain is going 90mph for most of the day that if/when I get home all I want to do (or have time to do) is go to sleep. Well its Friday... and I got home from work early, so Ben and I spent money we do not have to go eat Mexican! I think its necessary to leave your house once in a blue moon so you know that there are other people in the world besides co-workers and classmates. Tonight was that night.

Tomorrow I have our Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society initiation. Yep, who would have ever thought I'd be in an honor society. I actually waited until my 2nd to last semester to join for fear that I'd fall below the grade cut-off and they'd have to kick me out... how embarrassing. So I waited until there was no humanly way possible to kick me out and signed right on up! I will be initiated tomorrow along with a few other people.

On to 5 Question Friday: Wanna play... click the picture above.

Have you ever hit an animal with your vehicle?
I don't hit animals. I'm the idiot that swerves and nearly hits the tree/car/human/sidewalk instead. This does not make Ben very happy.

2. When you see a string on your clothes do you pull it off or cut if off?
Ugh... pull it. Why would you pull it? to make it worse? yep... I pull it and make it worse. Same with hangnails... they get me every time.

3. Did you have your own room or share a room when you were young?
Shared one until I was 5, had my own after that... I was the only girl.

4. Would you rather wear the same thing for the rest of your life or eat the same thing for the rest of your life?
Wear the same thing... I am way too picky with food.

5. What was your favorite TV show as a child?
Saved by the Bell hands down. I actually think I was pretty certain I would marry Mark-Paul Gosselaar one day.


  1. And, I thought I was gonna marry Kirk Cameron! What the heck was the name of that show again?

    Anywho...once again, you made me smile with your answers!

  2. I am so pulling for you on that scholarship! If they don't give it to you... Well, that would just be stupid! :)


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