Monday, February 1, 2010

Its 11pm, do you know where your kids are?

I am rarely up this late, but this is the ONLY time I can get on blogger lately!

I'm stressed, I'm overwhelmed and pulled to my limit. And I tell you what, God knows this.

Today I went to a conference where I heard MANY speakers and politicians... some talked about kids and a lot talked about themselves. One speaker went over the top though and I wanted to share a little bit about him and how God knew I was nearing my limit.

His name is John Croyle. All you Alabamians out there of course know of him b/c he has a very famous son, Brodie Croyle, former quarterback for the Crimson Tide, and now quarterback for a Pro Team... (seriously I should know which one). Anywho... John Croyle also played for the University of Alabama back in the 70s under Coach Bear Bryant. From what I heard today he almost went pro, but had a heart for underprivileged, neglected and abused children. Well, you can read all the details if you click his name above, but fast forward to today where he owns a Ranch to raise these children. He and his wife have raised over something like 1600 kids without ANY government funding.

Well, he is an amazing speaker and talked about how God placed him where he is and he has a very strong faith. What I loved about today were his rules or promises he tells the children when they come to live at the Ranch. He said if you follow through on these promises to your children, you will raise a successful child of God.

He tells them all:
1. I love you.
2. I will NEVER lie to you.
3. I will take care of you until you are grown.
4. There are boundaries, do not cross them.

He says by these 4 things you will prove to these children that you care, are dependable, are trustworthy and there is discipline. He said every single child wakes up every day wanting to know if you still love them, no matter if they are adopted, biological, foster, etc. They all want to know if you will still love them if they screw up. Will you still be there if they stumble and fall....?

Seriously, this man and his speech was amazing. He went on to talk about our purposes in life and how God calls us to bear fruit with the purpose he gave us & how to do just that. This is what I needed to hear today of all days. I needed to hear that I am doing all this for a reason beyond myself, beyond my colleagues & professors... I am doing this for the children that need me, for the children that God will place in my life to serve. I have been stressed, intimidated, nervous, worried.... all for what? If I trust God has placed me where I am today, what is there to fear? I need to take a few deep breaths and keep moving forward because I would surely disappoint if I turned my back this far in.

So I am still tired, but I'm ready and eager. I know God still has his plan. I pray that he continues to shine a light on it so I can follow. I pray that he will use me to further his plan.

I took a lot of notes today along with a few sermons this past week that I would love to share. If I could ever end up with all the notes, computer, computer cords and be awake at the same time... I'll get them up here.


  1. I love this, and I love this man... Where does a person find a man like that?

    Donora, this was beautiful and I needed to read it today too... You are amazing, and you are going to make such an amazing difference in the lives of children who need you!

  2. I love you and have been praying WITH you this weekend! Can't wait so see what God has in store!

  3. Those 4 things are phenomenal. They really do cover all the bases of parenting. Thanks so much for sharing!

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