Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm avoiding you.

Hi, I'm still here and avoiding writing about my real life.

I have started and not finished many blogs this week, but felt like they all said the same thing not very well, so they haven't been published.

But, I'll tell you what DOES get published. You all know my LOVE for all things dog right? If not, just search 'dog' in the bar in the top right. Well this is one of my favorite commercials.

Wondering what my FAVORITE one is? I know you can barely stand it...

I think even 4 or maybe 5 years later it is still this one:

I love the song, the colors, the little boy hiding waiting for them to bounce down the street... I love the dog, the old truck, the frog... I LOVE this commercial.

1 comment:

  1. I have never seen that second commercial, but my heart literally just stopped when I was watching it. I couldn't breath I was so involved.

    And I just ran over to itunes and bought that song too. Thanks. That 99 cents I wouldn't have spent if it wasn't for you!


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