Monday, February 1, 2010

The little brother

The little brother leaves Tuesday for Basic Training with the Army. He will be heading to Fort Benning, GA (pretty close to home) to get beaten to a pulp. He needs to be whipped into shape after this past year for sure, but I have faith that he will do great and God will be watching over him. If you remember or not, he tried to sign with the Marines over a year ago, they jerked his chain around about leaving 3 times and he finally asked to be released from his contract so he could sign with the Army and get this process finally moving forward. I'm super proud and a little worried, but send your prayers his way!

So we had another going away party (really just dinner with the family) Saturday night. Chris is convinced Basic Training will be a breeze (probably b/c he looks like a skin-head and b/c of his accident back in December, has HUGE scars on his face and head....which he has decided to tell people was from a knife fight.... Um...?) because he is a bigger guy. I think he's going to be quite shocked when he gets there. We'll see!

Amber Alert: Skinhead kidnaps frightened child.

Ava warmed up to her Uncle.

Ava, Austin & Chris

The Family (with a pug in the corner).

The family to date.

A Ben, a beer & a baby.
He thinks babies are contagious...


  1. Is that why Ben isn't trying to prevent Ava from falling out of his lap??? :)

  2. Yes, that is exactly why... he wouldn't even touch her! Poor Ava...

  3. Ha! Tell Ben to pull it together! That baby needs some cuddles from her uncle! :)


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