Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Catchup - glow worm

I tried to write a long blog by email, but half my text went missing and my pictures got out of order, so I'm going to try it in segments...

When we first came home, Noah was very jaundice, so they made him have photo-light therapy (at home) until his levels came down. We ate and ate and ate to help those levels, so much so that he was gaining 2 ounces a day! (when we went for his 2-week check up, he had gained 12 ounces! Doctor said it was awesome and he would have been happy with anything over 6 ounces!)

Poor little glow worm:

He was cleared of jaundice in just 48 LONG hours and things went well for a whole week! 

Then, we had one night that he cried ALL night long, from 9 pm - 9 am... Only stopping to eat. We called the doctor that morning and went in since he was due for his check up the next day anyway, I was convinced his belly button was infected and was to blame for our awful night. But he was very healthy (praise God) and the doctor mentioned it may just be colic.... To which I cried (and thought about never sleeping again) and prayed and prayed it wasn't, and truly believe the lord has answered our prayer so far because we have had much better nights since then (it's not hard to beat 12 hours of crying!). 

2 week appointment: 7lbs 2 oz and 21.5 inches! 75th percentile in length, 25th for weight

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